I print and sign each photograph and poster.

All are printed  using professional printers, and archival inks and paper, in the giclee process.  Even the "Posters" are printed this way, and are true photographs.  None are made by offset print methods.

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FALL 2010- NYPpanoramics opens the NYC Port Authroity Bus Terminal's renovated Artist's Gallery.  Tens of thousands of commuters see the exhibition.  Some tell me that they now see their city differently because of these photos.
Port Authority Bus Terminal, NYC, August 2010.

The only collection of its kind, NYPanoramics was developed over a period of five years.  Over 50,000 shots were taken to make over 100 panoramics. All times of day and all kinds of weather are documented in this collection.  Below are my favorites.

More will be added.  Come back soon.
This collection was shot largely between 2005-10, using Canon cameras, and professional "L" series lenses.  I lived  close to the main shooting location, and would go there  at 6am, noon, late afternoon and evening, at all times of the year, and in all weather conditions.  Shooting these was a labor of love, and I never anticipated bringing them to the public until encouraged to do so by the amazing Sandra Bendor, who gave me my first gallery show.  These photographs are now in homes and businesses world-wide.

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Every print is signed within the image area, and may be framed to exclude the printed text.  Posters are photographs with "New York City" in bold lettering
above "Panoramic Photography by Dexter Lane" small lettering.  Photographs have "Panoramic Photography by Dexter Lane" in small lettering, lower right.
The first two images below are examples.  All measurements include an extra half-inch on either side of the image (not shown below) to allow for framing .

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Photograph-  16" x  80.5" 
This is my biggest seller.

(Photograph) Poster-  10" x  50.5"

Photograph-  16" x  82"  
Poster-  10" x  68.5"
This is my personal favorite- and the only one with an alteration.  The moon was in this exact position.
If you've ever phogographed the moon, you'll know it appears in the print much smaller than you see it.
I shot the scene, then the moon separately, then placed it where it was.  Ok, so I enlarged it a bit for effect...

Photograph-  16" x  82"  
Poster-  10" x  51.5"
On the large print you can actually see people sledding in the snow under the West Side Highway!

Photograph-  16" x  81"  
Poster-  10" x  51"
The Big Apple at dusk.

Poster-  10" x  47"
A physicist once insisted that the rainbows aren't real; that I'd created them.  He refused to believe that
I'm not that talented in photo-manipulation.  I'm not sure if he changed his mind.  Such is the disconnection
that many New Yorkers feel from nature.  NYC is big- but nature is bigger.

Photograph-  16" x  78"  
Poster-  10" x  49.5"
THIS is the true Manhattanhenge.  Far more difficult to capture than the thousands of shots taken on those
few days a year (when the sun is in the right position) from inside Manhattan.  

Large Photograph-  16" x  38.5"   Photograph
-  10" x  24.5"
Yet another of my many rainbows.  All are real. 

Photograph-  10" x 38.5"  

Sometimes nature simply rewards you for loving her. 

Photograph-  16" x  27.5"  
Photograph Poster-  16" x  27.5"
Fireworks over the Hudson- with a full moon and the Empire State Building in the background. 
I think I shouted, "I nailed it!" when I saw the image.  A scream lost in a sea of AAAAHHHHHs.

Large Photograph-  16" x  53"  
Photograph-  10" x  33.5"
Dawn after a storm.

Long Photograph-  10" x  82.5"  

I love the mood of sepia.  This is loooooong.  A few have told me that they'd love it- but don't
have the room.  My answer, "move."

Photograph-  16" x  76.5"  
Poster-  10" x  48.5"
"New York Noir."

Large Photograph-  16" x  62"  
Poster-  10" x  39.5"
The brilliant reds last for only a few seconds, and only appear before dawn.

Photograph-  10" x  41"

A few pre-dawn joggers stopped in awe of these clouds.  It takes a lot to stop a jogger, but this sunrise
was a no-brainer.